Ground Water Ingestion Dose Due to Intake of Radionuclide (Natural U and 226Ra) to Population Around Uranium Mining Complex at Jaduguda ..


Monitoring of ground water for naturally occurring radionuclide around a uranium ore processing industry is an integral part of long term environmental surveillance program. Ground water around the uranium mining complex at various distances are collected and analysed for natural occurring radionuclide. Concentration of uranium and 226Ra in ground water were found to be very low and present in background level. The subsequent annual ingestion dose to the members of public within 1.5km of the uranium industry is less than 1% of the stipulated dose limit by ICRP. Statistical analysis of uranium concentration during the ground water monitoring program from the period 2003- 2007 is found to be not following either normal or lognormal distribution. Concentration of 226Ra was log-normally distributed for the same period. Ground water ingestion dose due to intake of dissolved radionuclide (U and 226Ra) insignificant and less than 1% of the stipulated dose limit for members of public (1mSv).